Welcome to the month of October!!! and the second month in the ’ember’ months. It is rumoured that ’ember’ months are the months for weddings, especially in Naija. Do you agree? Let’s know in the comments section. So for all our October – December brides still dress hunting, this one’s for you.

Today’s post is on Love Tims bridal wears, which is the bridal line of Nigerian based wedding solutions company I Do Weddings. The creative director Timi, had this to say about the collection,

“The 2015 collection shows us paying attention to the back of the wedding dress which can sometimes be overlooked. The collection is simply inspired by some beautiful women/starlets that we admire who embrace their gorgeous bodies such as Melania Trump, Penelope Cruz, Dania Ramirez and Salma Hayek.”

Happy e-window shopping, and if you like what you see, do not hesitate to check out their other collections . I will be sharing with us some of the dresses I love.


Lookbook 2015
                                                                         Veno, Front view
Lookbook 2015
                                                                       Veno, Back view
Lookbook 2015
                                                                      Alake V neck – Front View
Lookbook 2015
                                                                                     Alake V neck – Back view

Lookbook 2015
Claudia – Front View
Lookbook 2015
Claudia – Back View
Lookbook 2015
Tia – Front View
Lookbook 2015
Tia – Back View
Lookbook 2015
Elsa – Front View
Lookbook 2015
Elsa – Back View

My favs are Claudia and Tia. Elsa is ideal for the registry or as a reception dress. What do you think?

Sweet Embraces!!!!!


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