Coral Confetti TV presents – #FunkeSays: How to put your personality in your wedding

In this day and age, we are saddled with a lot of rules and regulations on how an ideal wedding should be. The bride must wear white, the bridal party cannot wear white, the groom must wear black or blue. Who says the groom can’t wear a floral suit or the bride can’t wear a gold wedding dress. What if a couple decides to dress in their local attire for the “white wedding”? ride on, if you ask me. It is your wedding day, and should be about you (the bride and groom) and nobody else.

So today on Funke says, we will be learning “How to put your personality in your wedding”

On Monday, we shared How to make a wedding budget and on Wednesday, we shared How to compromise when your are paying

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Funke Bucknor-Obruthe is the CEO of Zapphaire Events.

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