Things to Know about having a Social Media active Wedding ( Episode 2)


Continued from last time
6♥ Spread the word of your Hash-tag: Now you have decided to have a hash-tag, let everyone know this. From your invitation, to your website and to your personal social media wedding-related posts, all of these should include your chosen hashtag. It’s no fun having a hashtag and being the only one filling it up.


Photo via Short Enterprises 

7♥ Live tweet your wedding: If you are interested in creating a feed with details about your wedding day, there are options to assign a “tweeter of Honor” or actually hire someone to do this. There are business now who could actually cover your wedding by live tweeting or if you think paying for such service isn’t wise then grab a very social media active friend and make her the tweeter of Honor.

8♥ Finding Vendors on Social Media: Now with everyone being very social media active, even wedding vendors are not excluded. You can take a look at your (prospective) vendors social media platforms, many times vendors put their best foot forward on these platforms thereby making it a great way for you to browse and find a style and vendor you like.

9♥ Your Pinterest Board: Being in the full swing of wedding planning, many great ideas are at your service

view on Pinterest. Planning a wedding with your pinterest board is an easy way to organize things and visualize better. If you are into pinterest and currently planning your wedding, remember to have a secret wedding board with all those details. It’s always nice to “surprise” your guests with your wedding atmosphere and having a public pinterest board takes that a way.

10♥ Stay away from Your Phone: During the actual wedding and reception, you can’t afford to have your phone on you. Guaranteed, many messages and notifications would be flooding in and that is not the time to have your eyes anywhere but on your spouse, family and friends there to celebrate with you. Give your phone to your maid of honour to hold during the whole event, the couple should always be 100% present at their wedding.

Do you have any more tips for a social media active wedding? please feel free to drop them in the comments section below, I’m sure intending brides and grooms would appreciate your additions!

Sweet Embraces!!!!!


This post was originally found on Knotsvilla

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