Things to Know about having a Social Media active Wedding ( Episode 1)

The Ogedengbe’s Super Elegant Wedding via – Nigerian Monitor
2015 is the year of social media weddings, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all these platforms are agog with one wedding or the other. Almost every couple has their wedding activity on social media including hash-tags and all the shenanigans that come with it. If you decide to have a social media active wedding, here are 10 things you need to know to pull that off. Even as the couple in question, there are rules to go by to rock a social media active wedding. Here goes;
1♥ Making the Announcement: You can announce your engagement on your social media but it is advisable to do so only after calling the close Family and friends to share the news.
2♥ Sharing but not Over-Sharing: Sharing teaser photos of wedding planning like DIY teasers, a few engagement photos, is an awesome way to include others (your followers) in your wedding planning journey. However, try not to overwhelm your followers by over sharing.
3♥ Credit the Vendors: When you share your professional photos on social media never forget to credit your photographer and other vendors that may be included in that photo. In the case where the vendors are social media active, try to give them a mention too. Avoid posting negative wedding planning related posts, keep those public posts positive and your rants private.
4♥ Hash-tag Your Wedding#: If you want a very social media active wedding, consider Hashtag-ing your wedding. It is a fun way to have all photos from your wedding guests in one collection.
5♥ Be Creative and Unique: Once you have decided you would love to have a hash-tag, be very creative with it. Many couples are having hashtags now so you would want something unique so when you click on it you don’t spot other couples weddings with your hashtag. Also remember to keep it as short as possible, something short is usually easier for people to remember and type out. Do you have any more tips for a social media active wedding? please feel free to drop them in the comments section below, I’m sure intending brides and grooms would appreciate your additions!
Do come back on Friday for the concluding episode.
Sisi and Bobo
Sweet Embraces!!!!!
This post was originally found on Knots Villa

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