Your ideal venue should meet all your needs and more

The rate at which event facilities are springing up every day is a sure indication of the high rate of events taking place everyday. Costs of these event facilities vary according to the location of the facility, capacity, ambiance etc. With so many to choose from, one important question to ask is? Does this hall meet my expectation?

When going venue hunting, it is advisable to go with your wedding planner, to ensure you get good value for your money at an affordable rate. Here are the points to arm yourself with when going venue hunting;

  1. Location from Church – Ensure that the reception venue is close to the church being used for the ceremony, or its off traffic areas, because you do not want to be stuck in traffic for hours while trying to get to your venue. That, is a number one turn off and could get you cranky even before the reception starts.
  2. Capacity of hall – The hall you eventually decide to take, will depend solely on the number of guests you will be hosting. It is advisable to use a hall that can comfortably take all your guests and probably some extra. You do not want a cramped and stuffy hall on the day of your event.
  3. Availability of rest rooms/changing rooms – Be sure to inquire for a changing room in case you decide to change during the course of your event. Also ensure that the rest rooms are hygienic enough for your guests to use especially on the day of your event
  4. Adequate parking space – Is there adequate parking space for all your guests to park their cars? is the parking area well secured to avoid any form of theft? Get answers to all of these and request to see the parking area, if it isn’t situated in the same premises as the event facility.
  5. Power Supply/Serving points – Power supply is a top priority on the day of your event. So do ensure that there is uninterrupted power supply to avoid stories that touch. Serving points for your vendors is also very key to avoid vendors taking up space reserved for guests or messing up the hall. So find out if there is reserved space for vendors to setup and also tables for setting up.

Some facilities expect vendors to pay a refundable caution deposit to ensure they comply with the rules guiding the usage of the venue, so find out what is obtainable for the venue you intend to use. Be sure to organize a meeting with all your vendors at the venue to be used, so they understand the venue’s restrictions and your requirements.

Happy Hunting!!!!

Photo Credit: Quad T Event Center whom we featured last year.

Sweet Embraces.


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