Everything about Nancy and Elliot’s white wedding screamed Love, Laughter and Fun. You could tell that everyone had a good time. IPC Events planned and coordinated the wedding. Coral and Blue served as the colours of the day (my two fav colours), and Akara Ogheneworo did what he does best, transport you to the day the wedding held. I had so much fun at their traditional wedding , yes that’s how Ogheneworo makes you feel, like you were present at the event.

Enjoy the photos from their white wedding as told by Akara Ogheneworo.

This is the story of two rare hearts. Two people very dear to my heart.

Nancy and Elliot are a special sort of humans. That special sort you only find in special places and once in a rare moment in time. These two beautiful people where unique in their own way and love themselves fiercely. I have been at this business of capturing love long enough to know when two people love each other. You can read up some clues here.  These two ticked all those boxes and there is nothing I love better than a couple in love.

Nancy and Elliot met….and nothing was the same anymore. Nancy and Elliot met.

So having told you how much of an angel Nancy is, I guess we can now go ahead and tell you how an angels wedding is done. Honestly, not much of a difference from a human’s wedding.

The venue for the preparation was Federal Palace Hotel and Eko Hotel & Suites. Two beautiful settings that we were happy to shoot in. I was assisted by my the excellent Emmanuel Akan.Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad4Elliot’s shoe was practically yawning to be worn. I wonder what it feels like to be a wedding shoe. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---TradBlog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad2Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad3Everyone was getting ready for the big event and none was in a hurry more than the best man himself.

Every bride wear shoes you know. But a set of shoes that show you the way of light, a pathway to love, only Nancy could have found one to buy

Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-001-(Side-1)And she also found flowers that bloom when she smiles because her smile is that magical.
Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-002-(Side-2)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-003-(Side-3)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-004-(Side-4)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-005-(Side-5)Mosun of IPC Events was the planner here and we caught her as she went about her dutiful inspection of the details of the day as they unfolded.
Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-006-(Side-6)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-007-(Side-7)Nancy’s makeup was done by the wonderful Amaka Ihuoma. You can find her on facebook hereBlog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-008-(Side-8)And she did a great job of beautifying this gorgeous lady. Nancy came our looking divine. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-009-(Side-9)Just see for yourself. Nothing over the top. Just perfect. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-010-(Side-10)and then Nancy smiled and the flowers started blooming around the room. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-011-(Side-11)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-012-(Side-12)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-013-(Side-13)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-014-(Side-14)

Elliot was in the meantime also getting ready. He could not wait for the blessings of the priest to light up his wedding enough. He was in a hurryBlog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad5



For when you have a bride like Nancy, you look into the future with contentment and confidence. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad7


I always say, your wedding is almost always as good as the bridesmaids you have. Nancy had this awesome set. Beautiful, vivacious, happy go lucky ladies. They had fun popping the champagne as they celebrated Nancy’s match to a becoming Elliots wife with glee.
Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-015-(Side-15)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-016-(Side-16)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-017-(Side-17)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-018-(Side-18)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-019-(Side-19)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-020-(Side-20)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-021-(Side-21)Okay! Enough of all that. It was time for the serious stuff. The dress was worn, as the shoes and all the other accessories. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-022-(Side-22)Our bride stepped out ready for the big day effulgent. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-023-(Side-23)She couldn’t wait to run to church. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-024-(Side-24)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-025-(Side-25)We set about the task of the solemnisation with all the seriousness it deserves. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-026-(Side-26)and everyone was seated to witness these two become one. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-027-(Side-27)One thing I like about Elliot, the confidence he radiates. I WILL!! He said those two words so confidently, I believe Nancy saw his firm commitment from those two words alone. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-028-(Side-28)When she “gave him this ring”, she surrendered everything without reservation looking straight into his eyes. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-029-(Side-29)While some shed tears at the emotions of the moment, this young lady cared not for all those ceremonies. She went to work, dreaming about her own wedding day and Prince Charming. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-030-(Side-30)When last did you see such a beautiful kiss at a wedding between two Nigerians? When? Look at this kiss again. Beautiful right? Oya shut your eyes. You have overlooked. Ah ah! Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-031-(Side-31)O! there were two brides in this church. NO! I didnt suggest Elliot was marrying two women at once. How often do you see two brides in the same church, getting married at the same time, gist away? Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-032-(Side-32)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-033-(Side-33)After the thanksgiving, it began to dawn more on Elliot what a wonderful decision he had made. His smile tells it all. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-034-(Side-34)Ada was set to break down in tears here with all the awwws and ahhhhs coming from her friend.
Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-035-(Side-35)As Elliot went ahead to tell this beautiful two, “when you grow up to become a beautiful woman like my wife, you will marry a good man like me too”. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-036-(Side-36)Soon the ceremony was over and it was time for the couples photographs and as usual we had time for just a few before the reception started but this below is my favourite. The emotions on their faces. Perfect!Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-037-(Side-37)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-038-(Side-38)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-039-(Side-39)Beautiful train, right? Perfect pick, perfect each!Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-040-(Side-40)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-041-(Side-41)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-042-(Side-42)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-043-(Side-43)According to IPC Events, It rained flowers at the reception and yes it did. But what I liked the most, the beautiful lighting in the hall. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-044-(Side-44)When it was time for the couple to come in, the asoebi ladies ushered them in and the dances………….The new steps were everywhere. You need to pay attention and learn from these people. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-045-(Side-45)Ada digged it with her partner. Her style……”The Shaking Shoulders”.Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-046-(Side-46)This young man’s dance steps had the entire crowd on their feet recording. It was “The Broken Bone dance”. Dont try this at home o. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-047-(Side-47)Next came another new dance style, “The Covered face” and “The Strolling Man”.Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-048-(Side-48)But nothing beats the real deal  ………………….  SHOKI!!!!!!!! Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-049-(Side-49)Nancy’s Shoki was for her, her husband and children together. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-050-(Side-50)The MC finally had the sychronised style for the entire train….The Finger Raiser”.Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-051-(Side-51)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-052-(Side-52)It was a beautiful ceremony. Cakes were cut, Kola’s served, Husband and Wife fed themselves but it was the beauty of Nancy’s smile when she danced with Elly that was the best thing I saw.Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-053-(Side-53)Such contentment. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-054-(Side-54)When Elliot let out his true dancing self, everyone joined in the mirth
Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-055-(Side-55)Until Nancy came to the rescue Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-056-(Side-56)and the Naira began to rain down.Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-057-(Side-57)Nancy’s aunty was like Chai! Chai!! All this money you people are spraying…There is God o! Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-058-(Side-58)This Meme!!!!! When Shoki Takes Over Your Soul!!!Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-059-(Side-59)

From then on, it was serious worship and and lots of orijin. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-060-(Side-60)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-061-(Side-61)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-062-(Side-62)Sorry, did I say worship? I mean’t Shoki and Orijin o! Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-063-(Side-63)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-064-(Side-64)Even the planner joined in the groove as DJ Ozzy thrilled everyone. Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-065-(Side-65)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-066-(Side-66)Blog-Template---IB-and-Koye---Trad-067-(Side-67)It was a beautiful wedding guys. I had fun, Mosun had fun. But who cares about us? Nancy and Elliot had fun and that is what matters at the end of the day.

If you want a beautifully covered wedding, please feel free to contact us at 08025019121, 012957641 or and follow us on instagram @photographsbyakara

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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