“Asake”. The first ever ready-made pleated gele

Yinka Thomas-Ogboja
CEO of Opeke, Yinka Thomas-Ogboja

The CEO of Opeke, Yinka Thomas-Ogboja, is one of the many women who faced the stressful ordeal of tying her gele prior to an event. This is one struggle a lot of women go through, including myself. Infact I do not tie gele because of the shakashaka involved.

DSC_3923 c13 DSC_2762 DSC_2925 DSC_3842

A lot of women cannot tie geles themselves, dressing up takes forever because of the struggles with geles. All these challenges have led to the birth of  Opeke translated “fine girl or “omoge”, an indigenous fashion brand aimed at promoting the African culture and beauty. Opeke launched with a signature line called “Asake”, already pleated, easy-to-tie, ready-made geles.

IMG_1713 IMG_1376 IMG_1443 IMG_1606 IMG_1627

This creative product enables you to tie your gele in less than a minute making you look like a pro! Gone are those days when aso-oke was synonymous with dull and unappealing colors, Opeke adds color, fun and brightness to their pieces, with the ability to customize pieces to suit the personalities of their clients. They make lovely gele-ebi, asake-ebi, engagement outfits for couples-to-be, gele and ipele collections for women of luxury and style. The good news is that you can pack all your geles to them to “asakerize” (meaning pleated to your liking) or buy from their collections. So you don’t have to worry anymore about not being able to tie your geles!

IMG_1984 IMG_1796 IMG_1878 IMG_1973

They will soon be launching another product line under Opeke called ‘Arewa’ and we heard from the grapevine this has to do with beads. Get in touch with them today and make difficult gele tying a thing of the past!

Are you excited? I am very excited people. Good bye to days of struggling with gele with my mum.

This is a welcome development for brides, guests and even makeup/gele specialist, because gele tying will be done in a jiffy.

Here is a youtube tutorial of how to tie Asake.

Contact them below:


Instagram: @iamopeke

Twitter: @iamopeke

Mobile Number: +2348170593471, +2348166063832 and +2348060579714


Photography by Studio24 & Diko Photography

Makeup by ArabyLaide & TouchOfSee

4 thoughts on ““Asake”. The first ever ready-made pleated gele

    1. You are definitely in the right place miss lily. I’m sure you are not a fan, cos of the stress of tying gele. But trust me, change has come. Taking all my geles to opeke to be asakerissed.


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