Purple and Pink colour combinations

Today, is a color combo day! glad much. So our color combo for today features two very bold and beautiful colours PINK and PURPLE. This color selection was inspired by my colleague Angie, whom I asked what colour she’d like to use on her big day, and she was quick to tell me purple & pink with light accents of silver, since these are also her favourite colours.

There are several variants of the colours Pink & Purple, and today we will be looking at the different ways they can all be combined. If you are a lover of both colours, find some inspiration below for your next big gig and if you have ever wondered how these two colours will look together, wonder no more. In the pictures below, you will see them used for the decor, bridal party, bouquet, invitations.

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Color Inspiration: Fuschia and Purple  So pretty!
Radiant Orchid Wedding Details: pink and purple floral ceremony decor | Photo: The Youngrens
Jess Barfield Photography
Watercolor Roses - Purple - Invitation. You know, with all the seashell, pearl, and with my personal love of water, I think water color invitations in purple and pink would be appropriate! Maybe I could get some paint, water, blank cards and make a crafting session out of it!

Sweet Embraces!!!!!


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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