I DOs FROM AFRICA – Mbugua & Nyambura’s romantic destination wedding.

I enjoy surfing the web for weddings in other parts of Africa, I like to see how they celebrate on their big day.

I featured the first wedding here.

Today my surfing board takes me to Kenya again, for the wedding of Nyambura and Mbugua at the beautiful Coral Key Beach Resort, Malindi . An ideal location for a destination wedding.

FUN FACT 1: The bride arrived the wedding venue in a keke WOWZA!!!!!

FUN FACT 2: The couple served themselves at the reception. NICE!!!!

Enjoy and tell me what you think. Have an amazeballs weekend darlings.

As told on Kenya Weddings;

Think sandy beaches, warm weather, cool breezes and beautiful sunsets….Sounds like the perfect romantic getaway right? That was the setting for Nyambura and Mbugua’s romantic destination wedding on the sandy beaches of Malindi.

Have a look at this refreshingly unique and dreamy beach wedding. …Get inspired!

How and where did you meet?
In the library; of all places! We were in high school and had both gone to read during the holidays.

What was your wedding theme?
Dinner and dance, the whole idea was to have fun! It was a beach themed wedding, from the cake, the clothes, the car …and of course the location!

What inspired you to settle on a destination wedding as opposed to nearer home?
We wanted something different. We also wanted a small number of guests as opposed to having a huge guest list.  A  sunset wedding was our ideal and we knew the beach would be the perfect spot.

Share with us your biggest hurdles as you planned your wedding.
Finances for us were our biggest challenge, but we thank God that everything fell into place. We had planned it for a while so that helped. Along with the fact that the cost of things at Malindi was low, and also some of our friends came through.
Having the wedding away from town and having to convince the parents was also a big challenge.

Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.
We had the rehearsal on the same day at 1.00 in the afternoon and it felt like things were running late. I was pretty worried but 2 hours later while walking down the aisle I looked and saw everything was in place; just the way I wanted it to be.
I felt like a zombie the whole day, things just seemed to go past me! Things got more relaxed towards the evening and we really enjoyed the dance!

Anything you did different?
We chose not to have a high-table and actually went and served food together with the guests! It was an amazing time.

What parts of the wedding process make you think I could totally do this again!
Planning was exciting since we got to travel at least once a month and would stay at the hotel at no cost! On the wedding day the look on my parents face was priceless. The dancing in the evening was also an unforgettable moment for us.

What do you think is the most overrated thing in weddings?
Décor – I think it is usually overdone. It should be simple and elegant
Cake cutting process – I think this part of the wedding is given too much time and really does not make sense to me. I kept thinking “when will this end…..” I think more time should be given to the dancing and celebrations, because after the vows it is a celebration!

Did you attend any premarital counseling? What would you say was your biggest take-home?
Yes we did. I remember causes of conflict and the conflict resolution part was a real eye opener too me. Learning how to deal with the issue and not attack the person was a big learning for me. I leant that a marriage is based on how well you resolve each conflict that comes.

What advice would you share with couples planning their wedding?
Enjoy your wedding day! It is not a rehearsal, so enjoy it to the fullest.  Despite what works or does not work on that day, Enjoy it!

Wedding PhotographerBen Kiruthi  Number of Guests – 100 Wedding Venue – Coral Key Beach Resort, Malindi

SOURCE: Kenya Weddings

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