How to plan a pre wedding party.

Adejoke & Azeez pre wedding dinner via Spicy Inc Studio

As a child, I was accustomed to pre-wedding parties being organised for the intending couple the week before the wedding day. That was the rave back then, I remember my uncles/aunties always going for one ‘bach eve or the other as it was popularly called then. Even though bach eve (bachelor’s eve) signifies the party organised for the groom and his buddies, it was used then to represent the pre-wedding party organised for both the bride & groom.( I wonder why it was called that)

Fast forward to this era, where everything is clearly spelt out and you have the Bachelor Party for the groom and his men and Bridal shower / hen party for the bride and her ladies. But I’d like to ask, how about we resurrect the ‘bach eve’ a.k.a prewedding party and let the bridal showers/hen nights & bachelor’s gig hibernate for a while.

Before you tell me to ‘go hug transformer’, here’s why I think the pre wedding party is totally awesome and some tips&tricks on how to plan one. Hop on this train, let’s take a ride.

NOTE- For this post, I have featured Adejoke & Azeez’s pre wedding dinner from Spicy Inc Studios.


Adejoke & Azeez pre wedding dinner via Spicy Inc Studio

WHAT IS A PRE WEDDING PARTY a.k.a BACH EVE ?(like it was called when I was a kid)

This is a party which involves both the bride and groom. It is unlike the bachelor parties, organised for just the guys and the bridal showers/hen parties, organised for just the ladies. The pre wedding party, combines resources, guest lists, logistics etc and saves time, and don’t forget the popular saying, the more the merrier.

So, these are the few things to consider when planning a pre wedding party.

  1. The pre wedding party is organised by the couple’s friends or the entire bridal party. This is very helpful for everyone involved, since there are more people to shoulder the cost for planning the gig.
  2. The guest list should comprise of close friends and family members of the couple. It should be an intimate affair with dear ones not a show for all & sundry.
  3. The venue for the pre wedding party should be influenced by the kind of couple getting married, also bear in mind that the party can hold anywhere and by any number of people, even as little as 10. It can be held in someone’s house, in a hall, at the beach, at a restaurant, at a karaoke bar, just ensure its something that both parties can enjoy
  4. The games/activities selected should be what both parties can relate with. There should be equal balance of games/activites. Popular games played at bachelor parties/bridal showers can be edited to accommodate both sexes.
  5. Don’t forget to come with something special for the couple to begin their new life together with. It’s the thought behind the gift that counts. A pre wedding party is majorly to have a good time with the couple just before they say I DO. Be sure to have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. Ensure there is plenty music, food & drinks.(these are the key points of any party)

All in support of the pre-wedding party as opposed to separate parties i.e bachelor parties & bridal showers/hen nights say AYE, and if you wouldn’t trade your bachelor’s party&bridal shower/hen night for anything, let us know.

Lay down your strong points in the comments section.

PHOTO CREDIT: Spicy Inc Studios; Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

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