Types of Bridal Bouquets: The Round and Pomander Bouquet.

Your choice of bouquet depends largely on the style of your dress, your wedding theme, your flower preference etc. There are different types and style of bridal bouquets, we started the bridal bouquet series with the cascade and arm sheaf bouquet style.Today we continue the series with the round and pomander bouquet styles.

THE ROUND STYLE – This is very similar to the posy bouquet, it is one of the most traditional and popular bouquet styles used by brides all over. For the round bouquet, the flowers are wired together to give a very tight ball. It is ideal if you decide to go for one colour/type of flower. It can be easily held in one hand.

Neutral, champagne, blush wedding bouquet.Gorgeous!
nigerian wedding

THE POMANDER STYLE – This is also known as the kissing ball and looks like the pom poms carried by cheerleaders. It is a flower covered ball suspended from a string. Any kind of string can be used, beaded strings, ribbons, fancy ropes etc. It is usually worn on the wrist. The pomander ball is mostly carried by the bridesmaids or little bride, although a bride can decide to use one for her big day.

BellaNaija Wedding Trends 2013 2 - January 2013 - BellaNaija055
What if you could do these in silk and nestle little lights in there! (carve out the center of the foam for a battery pack)
Floral & Decor

I hope we have learnt something today about bouquets and how to choose wisely. The final Bridal Bouquet Series comes up Tuesday next week, so stay tuned.

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