Nifty Chic brides of 2015.

Bridal Hair and makeup specialist Nifty Chic shares with us today, her first job for 2015. The wedding of Chinelo and Francis, which held on the 7th of March 2015. She wrapped the bride and brides maids hair and they all looked divine. Getting married soon and looking for a hair/make up specialist, be sure to contact Nifty Chic, she will do your hair and face real good. Enjoy the pictures below and find more awesome bridal makeovers on her blog

Brides of 2015: NeloSpears

2015 is here with a bang, loads of plans coming to life and at such great speed (stoked).

My first bride of the year, now Mrs Chinelo Okeke who also happens to be my new “lil” sis (lol, she’s probably gonna have my ear for this) months back said…… ” you are doing my hair for the wedding, you better be around”. After much back and forth with proposed wedding dates, February 7th was finalised upon (thank goodness I didn’t miss this, would have died). As my usual routine, we installed the weave for her big day on the Friday before, I usually do this so there’s less work the next day plus I had to wrap six of the bridesmaids hair just in time for the church wedding at 10am. She wanted to have a side part updo, that seemed not too structured (loosely curled and wrapped). Since there was no picture of what she wanted to work with, I needed affirmation as we wrapped. Nelo was like……. “Just go on, am sure you know what to do”. The bliss from those words from a bride elates me (trust gained).

It was quite a hectic one. Thankfully chizzy swung into action and became my assistant for the day. Pins, straightener, curling wand, hairspray, etc ready at my demand. (Had to bribe/pay her indirectly, lol, free hair and makeup). In summary, it was a fun work day, as we were both happy with how the hair turned out. Enjoy pictures below……..

By the way, the gorgeous bride had her makeup done by herself…… Such calmness. I bet I would have been too nervous and end up looking like a clown if I did mine myself, lol.

Get the look for your big day or for a friend of a friend of a friend.
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Brides makeup: @nelospears
Bride/ bridal train hair: @niftychic
Photography: @frankugahphotography












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