Letter to my Better Half – Dear Kess

Letter to my better half photo

Dear Kess,

It brings me great joy to write this letter, I’m sure you will be wondering what I’m up to this time around, don’t worry I come bearing good news, I believe “inserts smile” . I love weddings, this one you know, I am a hopeless romantic too. Everything lovey dovey gets me excited and giddy. When I was much younger, I wanted an outdoor wedding, because of an aunt of mine who got married at Jahlobia gardens on Airport road. I was so in love with that venue that I vowed to get married there. Now I am older and wiser and I have fallen deeply in love with decor and moodlights and I am certain without any iota of doubt that I want to get married indoors. So I can play around with mood lights and themes and all things bright and beautiful. Don’t worry, they are not so expensive. We just need to be creative and think outside the box.

In other not to get too carried away, I will itemize each aspect of a wedding that’s most important to me,and tell you what my preference is, Lets get to it shall we.

I want to have more than one caterer, or at least two serving points at my reception. So that food flows evenly from both sides of the hall. I don’t want anyone speaking behind my back of how they came for my wedding and water sef them no see drink, Food for me is priority, as people have to be properly fed to avoid stories that touch.

I DO NOT WANT ASOEBI period!!!!! I do not have strength, time and patience for that stuff, the drama associated with it is too much. Besides, girls are robbing people in daylight these days all in the name of asoebi and I do not want to be a party to that. Imagine selling 6 yards of asoebi for N30,000 HABA!!! whathappin??? I will not force anybody to do anything for me on my wedding day, it is not by force. So baby, do not worry. We will just stick to colour codes. cool right? and stress free.

Decor for me is key, I want a themed wedding, complete with moodlights, and all the works, don’t worry Susan will handle the decor for us at a very affordable price.

I want a DJ not a band, even though the band won’t be a bad idea for the elderly ones, but a DJ is cheaper and less messy.

I am still contemplating on flower girls and little brides, but for the bridesmaids. I will work with just 4 ladies, so start informing 4 of your friends you can rely on ohh, I do not want people that will be forming when we want to take pictures and at the reception, I no fit shout. 

I want the ceremony to hold in one venue, I do not want to travel from one end of Lagos to the other, or get stuck in Lagos Saturday traffic because I’m trying to drive from church to reception. I also want an evening wedding. Church service by 1 pm, reception by 4 pm.

These points listed above for me are key, the other aspects we can work around them and come to an agreement. Looking forward to your reply babe.

Love always

“Your Bae”

Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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