Intro – Letter to my better half

We all have an idea of the kind of wedding we want. Big weddings, small weddings, intimate weddings, indoor/outdoor weddings, destination weddings, beach/poolside weddings, wedding dinners as opposed to the usual afternoon reception. Some want a live band,others want a DJ. Some want a rich bridal party of 10 bridesmaids/groomsmen or more, some others just want the little darlings and no Sisi/BoBo  on their train. Some can’t imagine a wedding without their ASOEBI girls and boys, others cant be bothered,(myself inclusive😒). “Letter to my better half”, is a new series, where we would share stories with our better half on the kind of wedding we desire. From venue to decor, food and music all the works. You are welcome to share your stories:)just send a mail to  Express your self and tell it exactly as it is,no mincing words. Wouldn’t it be exciting to get your “bae” 😉 to read about the kind of wedding you want, you can vent too if you want to.😣😤 Going through a hard time planning your wedding or finding it hard to convince your “bae” on the kind of things you want, venting is allowed here, where you write about what you actually want. Ohh, this is going to be great and therapeutic I believe :)👍So let’s get started guys, share your dream wedding(by your standards) with the world. No prejudice here, who knows what your story can teach someone.☺
The first post comes up on Wednesday, so watch out for it.
Welcome darlings to this new adventure😄


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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