How to spend Valentine’s day


This is how you spend valentine’s day :)💑💖;)

Hi Lovelies, Happy Val’s day:)😍😘. What did you do today, did you get up to much? I intentionally decided to do a post-valentine post, just so we could share how our day went. Cool right?;) I didnt do anything extra ordinary today, I went to the market and after that, spent the day with Biii & Fam. By choice I might add. I didn’t want to go anywhere in the scorching sun, was content just staying home.
So, I was pondering on this wonderful date “feb 14” and you know, a lot of ladies make such a fuss about how they were not val ‘ed and how their picture wasn’t used for DP and what not. Shouldn’t everyday be a day to show love? I mean if someone showed me real love and a good time just once in 365 days 😠😨id give you “quit notice” straight. Abi how you see am?
So I have drawn up a little list of different ways we can show love to our “baes” ;)without breaking the bank. Its not every time “bae, where are we going for dinner” sometimes stay at home and save the money for something else. Abi no be so? So here goes, Enjoy and if you know other ways we can have a good time without breaking the bank, please share.☺

1. Plan a romantic dinner in your house, but get dressed up.
Whoever is incharge for the night can decide what you guys would wear, You can play dress up if you want to.

2. Plan a love hunt for each other, where you leave special notes at different points around the house, car etc
You don’t even have to leave your house-write down different things that make you love the person and at the end of the hunt, you meet up and exchange little gifts that you’ve purchased on a pre-agreed budget.

3. Plan a romantic evening at home with no TV and no social media. (none of all that checking updates and stuff) Just wine,cake,ice cream, suya, whatever sweet treats you both enjoy.
Make a play list for each other, or compile the songs that you both like and make a playlist.— listen to all the songs together. Talk about memories associated with the songs. Take selfies if it makes you happy and do silly stuff, But soak yourself in music and romance and block out the rest of the world.
4. Create your own Cinema- select some very good movies you both haven’t seen or movies you both can’t get enough of and just cozy up with some popcorn,chinchin,biscuits any thing wey you get and if you decide not to munch on anything, nothing do you. Just bask in each other’s company and enjoy the movie/movies. In fact DSTV now has a box office package, so you can both subscribe to it and just have a good time.
That’s my top 4, what do you think? How do you love up with your boo?


Sweet Embraces!!!!!

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