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We have our first Vendor for 2015 YAAY! Find other Vendor Spotlight features here.

Eruke of Ruki’s Collection produces beautiful handcrafted purses, hand fans and note books, using locally sourced fabric. Enjoy her story below of how she started and where she hopes to go with her business.

“My name is Ojuederie ERUKE, and I am the brain behind RUKI’S COLLECTION. I started making purses, souvernir notepad and bridal hand fans 2 years ago using ankara and other fabrics found in our markets.

I am a simple and disciplined person who believes that nothing is beyond your reach once you are determined to reach it. I am presently a Masters student at the University of Benin and a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, where I studied Linguistics and Communication studies.

Before venturing into this business, I worked part time as a Newscaster with BEN TV Africa. I enjoy what I do and most especially, I love the fact that I can put smiles on the faces of customers by giving them exactly what they desire. My first commercial notepad production has to be the most memorable time for me in this business, because I was full of mixed emotions. it was both challenging and encouraging for me.

Ensuring my goods are durable has challenged me to look out for creative and better methods of making them. My inspiration comes from God and then I think my love for purses drives me harder. Even before I started producing, I loved purses and anything chic.
.In five years time, I see myself as an employer of labour, with a strong team working with me.

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Eruke can be contacted via the following channels: Getting married soon, be sure to contact Ruki’s Collections for your purses, bridal hand fans and souvenirs.

@rulesmiles  (twitter handle)
 7F652519 (Bbm pin)
 Ojuederie Eruke on facebook
 08057128131 on whatsapp

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