Nwando’s Signature has become a household name when it comes to decor in Nigeria. They have made it a point of duty to churn out amazing decoration at every event they are called to handle. Last year, I shared with us some of their  center piece decoration, and today I will be sharing some stage decor ideas, so fasten your seat belts and get ready to be transported to awesomeville. What ever theme you have in mind, there is some inspiration for you.

Pinky pinky. !!! It's just amazing matching pink and gold .
Pink and Gold Stage set.
Royal setup
A Throne fit for Royalty.
Smart traditional decor....
Traditional wedding decor – White, Green and a splash of tradition.
Arabian themed stage setting.......see it here.!!!
Some Arabian goodness
Wow !!! Kindly tell us your #Captionofthis   #NwandosSignature
Camera, Lights, Action!!!
At Oriental...
Priceless Oriental Art.

Did you enjoy all of these various styles of stage creation? Find more at

In their words, “We create your fantasy” . Whatever you can imagine, Nwando’s Signature can create.

Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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