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                                          Gaise & Funto – Photo Source:

The unexpected/expected proposal happened during the Christmas/New year celebrations. The love of your life finally asked you to be the one whom he wakes up to for eternity, and of course you said yes. Why wouldn’t you *wink*. You painted your nails and shared the perfect picture on Social media tagging all the top wedding accounts. Family and friends uhhhed, awwwed and aahhed and congratulated your man on taking a very bold step towards matrimony. Now the holidays are over and reality sets in ghen ghen, wedding planning time. What do I do, Where do I start from, Whom do I call, How much do I budget for the wedding etc, calm down darlings. Yes, I realise a lot of effort, time and money goes into planning a wedding especially if you are a 9 to 5 person. To all brides and grooms to be, I’m here to convince you and not to confuse you that you can plan your wedding comfortably from the four walls of your office without getting fired and still get everything done. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a job after the wedding is over. So I will be sharing with us easy and creative ways to plan your wedding at work without getting into trouble with your boss.


The Internet is your friend.
Whatever you need, can be found on the internet, just ask Google, she knows a gazillion of stuff. Go online, search for the item you need, bookmark/save the website/blog that answers that need for future reference. Social media is also another useful tool for planning your wedding. Facebook pages, instagram/pinterest accounts and this blog of course are good places to find tons of inspiration and the kind of vendors you would like to work with plus you can see their work for yourself and decide if you like it or not.

Yagazie of Gazmadu Photography & Oziegbe | November 2014 | Igbo Nigerian Wedding | December 2014 | BellaNaija 0(2014-11-01-09-02-52)Canon-Canon-EOS-6D(4104x2736)
                                                               Gaz & Ozi – Photo Source: BellaNaija

Be vigilant.
Always ensure you have a page open with the Word, Excel or PowerPoint document you are supposed to be working on, so you can easily minimize when someone shows up suddenly. Also, learn to use the desktop icon at the bottom far right of your laptop and the Alt-tab keys to quickly move from a breath taking décor by Nwando’s Signature to your report for 2015 Annual Operational Plan. If you need to print/scan make sure to do that after work hours or ensure you are the only one aware of what you are printing. To avoid providing necessary evidence for your query.

Gaise & Funto Wedding | November 2014 | BellaNaija 020.Funto&Gaise (20)
                                                                           Funto & Gaise – Photo Source: BellaNaija

Schedule efficiently
You need to prioritize and know what aspect of your planning can be handled during the day, evening and weekends and at what time. Make calls to your vendors during lunch break or when you are out of the office. Use your evenings and weekends to visit venues, other vendors and your DIYs. You can send emails to vendors, your bridal party and your fiance at work so long it doesn’t get in the way, better still, use your phone for mails and wedding browsing.

Yagazie of Gazmadu Photography & Oziegbe | November 2014 | Igbo Nigerian Wedding | December 2014 | BellaNaija 0_MG_5314
                                                               Gaz & Ozi – Photo Source: BellaNaija

Try not to share too much.
Wedding planning is exhausting and also exciting. It has the ability to take over all that concerns you, which is literally your life even months after the wedding, for those who still have outstanding debts to pay off. Please try not to share all your wedding details with your colleagues. I know a colleague who had issues with another colleague just because she felt he was sharing too much info about his wedding in the office. So try not to fill all of your work conversations with wedding talk. Keep your information to yourself and only share with people who ask.

Gaise & Funto Wedding | November 2014 | BellaNaija 007.Funto&Gaise (13)
                                                      Funto & Gaise – Photo Source: BellaNaija

Up your game (work smart)
When planning your wedding it is very tempting to spend every waking hour poring through wedding ideas, wedding inspiration, responding to vendor emails and calling your parents, siblings, maid of honour/best man. But that doesn’t mean your work should suffer. Learn to balance & prioritize or else you will get the wrath of your colleagues and boss. Meet all deadlines and deliver on your work. Bear in mind that your job goes a long way in helping to settle some wedding expenses and you will need it after you have tied the knot. Do not take it for granted. A wedding is just a day, but your marriage is forever, infact your marriage begins after your wedding ends, so take note.

Yagazie of Gazmadu Photography & Oziegbe | November 2014 | Igbo Nigerian Wedding | December 2014 | BellaNaija 0(2014-11-01-13-45-26)Canon-Canon-EOS-6D(4104x2736)
                                                                         Gaz & Ozi – Photo Source: BellaNaija

Hire an Event/Wedding planner

You can decide to save yourself all of the hassle, sneaking and stress and just hire an efficient, proactive, experienced, hardworking, timely and up to date Wedding planner like me, Bolu Adebiyi of June Dawn Events, Bisi Sotunde of BusyBee Events, Kehinde Onabanjo of Finesse Events, Susan Ajibade of  Splash Events Beautifiers and so many other amazing planners. A wedding planner will provide you with updates on all of your wedding planning activities and even go ahead to provide on the day coordination (if you so desire) of your wedding to ensure that all that has been planned is executed effectively. You can schedule lunch break meetings with your planner to keep abreast of happenings.

Congratulations once again on your engagement, and I hope with these few points of mine, I have shown you that work cannot get in the way of your dream wedding. Happy planning!!!!!

P.S: Let me know how if you tried these steps and how it worked. OK, waiting in the comments section.

You loved the pictures featured in this post right? I loved them too. My best weddings for the last quarter of 2014, infact I have been stalking them on social media *face covered*. Their stories inspired me and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

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Sweet Embraces



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