Hi Everybody, WOW, the cobwebs here tho! “e reach to sew cloth” Happy New year to you, you and you. Where did you spend New year’s eve? Church, Lagos Count Down,the house or your villa. I spent mine in church, ushering the year in with plenty exceeding great and precious promises. so excited and looking forward to what the year brings. I hope you are too, because 2015 is a great year with plenty transitions for us all.

So today, We will be looking at the top 5 posts of 2014 that drove traffic on the blog. This information has been very insightful, and it has helped me know what stories people enjoyed and what direction to go in 2015. I will be sharing them in no particular order. Come on, let the journey begin.

1.  NO LIMITS – This post was about Onos’s live in Concert Event, Which held at David Christian Center. it was published in August 2014. I pushed this post so hard to ensure i spread the word about the event and get people to attend. Onos also used all her social media platforms to push the post, ensuring everyone read it, and the event was a success.

2. HER MEMOIRS: LYNN MBELU – This was the first post of the 3 part series of Lynn’s story. it started in July 2014. Her Memoirs, is where brides share their journey with us, from how they met their husbands down to the honeymoon story. Lynn was priviledged to be our first bride and shared her wedding story with us. This post was about how she met her husband and her proposal. Hmm, people like love gist ohhh

3. VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: KHARE’S TOUCH – This post was also a first. Vendor Spotlight is where we profile vendors in the events and wedding industry, get to know more about them and their work. Nosa of Khare’s Touch was our first vendor, A make up artist per excellence. She actually had this link on her BBM personal message through out the year. It was such a wonderful thing to do. she realised that the only way people would know more about her work, is if she projects features that had been done on her and her business. Thank you very much Nosa.

nosa ohenhen.

4. HER MEMOIRS: LYNN MBELU – PART 2 – This was the second part of Lynn’s story. Here she shared with us what happened at her Traditional Wedding. Do you know her dad planned her traditional wedding? she wasn’t available, so he took it upon himself. Hmm Fathers, take note. *wink*


5. HER MEMOIRS: MRS LYNDA CHIKE MOZIE – PART 3 – The concluding part of Lynn’s story. The white wedding ceremony, which I was privileged to attend. It was such a beautiful event, and I am glad I didn’t miss it. Lynn shared the final part of her wedding memoirs with us. Nigerians like weddings shaa,Wedding gist can like to sweet you people ehh.



There you have it guys, the top 5 posts of 2015. From this review, it shows that you guys enjoyed reading Lynn’s story, so 2015 will have more brides sharing their memoirs with us. We will also have more vendor spotlights in 2015. there are so many amazing vendors doing great things in their various careers, we also need to know more about them besides the service they provide.

Did you enjoy these top 5, what were the posts you enjoyed in 2014, and how did they benefit you, directly or indirectly.

Sweet Embraces


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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