CHRISTMAS SEASON: Christmas Ornament Centerpieces

Its the Christmas season, and with it comes a lot of shimmer,shine,glitter and glam. Decorations for our many events will need to be done, don’t worry, I bring great news. Do you know that the ornaments we hang on our Christmas trees can be used for so many other things asides hanging them up? They can be used as centerpieces, you fill them up in an empty fish bowl and Voila! you have a centerpiece. This is so easy to do and cost little or nothing. Ornaments come in a variety of colours and shapes, so you have a lot to choose from. You can find them in open markets like Oshodi market, Lagos Island market etc. This Centerpiece decor can also be used as part of our home decor for Christmas, It can be placed on the center/dinning table, on the TV stand etc. Enjoy the pictures below for some inspiration.

my favourite, wine glasses turned upside down. so cool;

Did you enjoy looking through the pictures? Where you inspired? Would you try this or have you done them before? What was the response like? Share your thoughts.

Sweet Embraces!!!


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