Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding dance

Getting married soon and looking to choreograph your first dance? Why not check out these few tips to help start your planning, so your day is truly “unforgettable” both for you and your guests. Get them talking about your dance months after the wedding is over. – Ayo & Ope

The first thing to do is to choose your song. Pick a song that makes you feel good and adequately expresses the feelings you and your spouse want to convey to your guests. Be sure to check the lyrics of the song, ensuring it passes the right message.

Performing a choreographed dance is probably something new for the both of you, So begin your dance months ahead, preferably six to three months in order to build your confidence and get super comfortable with your steps. – Abby & Ola

A wedding dance shouldn’t be more than two to three minutes long, if not guests will lose their attention. A short dance is way better than a long dance. Plus, you will grasp your steps easily, exude confidence and leave your guests wanting more.

There’s no right or wrong time during the reception to schedule your first dance. As is customary in our part of town, the first dance comes after the cutting of the cake. But, you can decide to save the dance for the last item on your program, that way everyone then joins in after your dance.

Ensure that there is an announcement just before the dance so that guests won’t miss it. After all the planning, you don’t want an empty hall during your dance.

Practice in the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day. Getting used to moving in your wedding attire will make you more confident.

Ensure the DJ/Band is aware of the dance and the progression. If possible, assign someone to stand with them during your dance to guide them accordingly. The DJ/Band will need to know how you will enter/exit your dance, the various change in beats/tempo so they can cue the music accordingly.

Remind your photographer and videographer to capture all the moments of your first dance. Let them know the dance was choreographed, so they don’t miss any important scene.

Lastly, think carefully, do some research and put some thought into your song selection, it sets the right mood for you and your guests. Enjoy your day & the attention, have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Sweet Embraces!!!!


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