African Christmas Gift Ideas

 I was browsing through my favourite blogs and came across this post by Stephanie of ST Colours A School. She makes ah-may-zing ankara accessories, you should check her out and purchase some.

I did a post on gifting in July and I’m pretty sure all the sites I listed would have great gift items for the Christmas Season.

Stephanie has listed her top African Christmas Gift Ideas for this season, check them out and be sure to get one or more for your loved ones.

If you are thinking of what gifts to give out this Christmas, or you want to create African Inspired gift sets for sale, you might find my top list of African Inspired gifts super helpful:

1. Best selling book by an African author

african gift2. Set of Ankara Bangles

african gifts

3. Natural Hair Products

african gifts

4. African Inspired t-shirt


I actually made a bunch of these tees to sell last year. Any time I look at them, they make me smile

5. African Music

african gift

If you have not watched these people perform, please look for the cd. Not everytime wizkid. I don’t beef Wizkid oh…#justsaying

6. African inspired cards from CaxtonAlile Cards

Caxton Alile Cards

I love their cards, they have so many funny ones.

7. Ankara Throw Pillows

ankara throw pillows 3

8. Zobo leaves


Hibiscus leaves kor!

9. African dolls

african gifts

10. Ankara Bags…ofcourse

header pic

You can pack them all up in an Ankara Box

ankara gifts

Or these baskets. Lol


As you give out gifts these season, remember that no gift is too small, it is the heart that matters. If on the other hand, you are a business woman, encourage your clients to give proudly African gifts.

I had so much fun putting together this list, I will like to hear from you, what other African gift idea have you thought of?

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