Good Morning Folks, how was your night. I hope we slept well, and I hope November has been treating us well. December is around the corner, have you started counting doun? I have ohh “rubbing hands in glee”. Ohh how I love the holidays.

Ok, for today’s post, we will continue with the designers from GTBLFDW for day 3, and I will highlight some fashion inspiration for us for our next event. On day 3, we had designers like Lisa Folawiyo, Kiki Kamanu, Iconic Invanity(i like this name), Tsemaye Binite, Maybelline But , I will be focusing on designers that showcased pieces that we can wear to our various events. Find Day 1 and day 2 here.

KIKI KAMANU – Kiki had a lot of ready to wear pieces, and I was able to pick out some that can be worn for a wedding or a formal occassion. Enjoy!

Find more Kiki sweetness here

ICONIC INVANITY – I just love this name, wonder what it means. I have always seen her pieces on the red carpet and admired them, there is a uniqueness to all of them. Enjoy!

For more from Iconic Invanity, click here

I hope you enjoyed the pieces as much as I did, and you found some inspiration.

Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)

Have a great day!

Sweet Embraces


2 thoughts on “GTB LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK 2014. (DAY 3)

    1. Thanks so much Ifiok, Awww im glad you love it. Welcome to the ville and thanks for stopping by. Hope you left with some inspiration? And hope to see more of you.


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