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Blogging 101: Why am I here?

why do i blog
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I have been blogging for 10 months now on wordpress and the experience has been mixed, I have had my high and low moments, but all of that can’t be traded for the feeling of knowing that I have my own little ville where I can share my thoughts on the things I love. In my about me page, I explained everything concerning my blog and what I do, but for the purpose of this assignment, I will write about it again, this time from a different angle.

I am an event lover, especially weddings. Ahh I love weddings so much I have picked colours, chosen my bridal party and songs for the day.  I started my blog to share my love for the events and weddings world with other lovers like me. I look forward to a community of like-minded people whom I can learn from and also share with. A place where we can have conversations and share ideas of different topics relating to this vast and amazing industry.

On the blog, I share news, ideas, inspiration and every info relating to the events industry. By November next year, I hope to have grown this blog to the point that it becomes a resource center and a look book for anyone planning any sort of event. It will also serve as an avenue for vendors to be seen and connect with potential clients.

My desire is to build a community of event and wedding lovers from across the world. This will be our own “beautiful little ville” for inspiration, fantasies, day dreaming and learning.

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