5 Common Event Invitation Mistakes to Avoid.

Your Event invites serve the important role of letting guests know that you would like them to honour you with their presence. This is the first contact/interaction your guests will have with your event, so you have to ensure you get it right.
 Overlooking the details when it comes to invites can be disastrous. So today we look at 5 common mistakes when it comes to event invites and how to avoid them.
1. Placing a late order:
 Contact your vendor early and finalize all card plans, so you have ample time to give out your invitation cards. Your guests require adequate notice to make plans to attend your event. Sending out Invites late can mean no one will attend your event due to other commitments and your guests might see you as an unserious person or even think they were an afterthought.
2. Not editing/proof-reading the contents of the card:
Imagine sending out invites, with your names not spelt correctly or with the wrong venue/date. Please do not just skim over the invite, read and read again until you are satisfied with everything you see, the date/venue and directions to the venue. No matter how stylish your cards look, always remember that the main function they serve is to inform. Hand the invites over to a friend to have a look just in case you missed anything.
3. Excluding the theme:
Having a theme for your event is Fun!. A theme pulls together all the nice details of an event and presents a connected look.  If you are having a themed event, incorporate it in your invites too,  let your guests know what to look forward to, create anticipation and buzz.
DIY Flip Flop Invitation Cards
4. Ask for a sample:
Its possible you have seen your card design only on the computer, but before you give a go ahead and print 1000 copies, ask that a copy be printed for you to see. The colours might look different once its in print. You are also able to feel the design, the kind of paper used and know how everything comes together.
5. Under ordering/Over ordering:
Having a guest list helps you determine the number of cards you will require. However, make provision for more, do not request for the exact number of cards, incase of extra guests you didn’t factor in earlier.Also remember that not every guest will need a card. For couples/families, colleagues, societies, certain groups you could give one card inviting everyone. You can even email your invites, YES! its very do able. Create a Facebook event and invite people you want or register your event with event sites/apps like Eventbrite.
Peach Wedding Invitations, Lace grey and Peach invitation, Vintage Wedding Invitations
Your invites make a big statement on the kind of event you are going to have. What you might see as a small mistake might have great implications. Keep these common errors in mind and take extra precaution to avoid them.
Silhouette and Doily Tea Party Invitation  Design by beyonddesign, for Ivy's 2nd birthday @Georgina Stevens
Monday Night or Superbowl Sunday - Football Fan - Party Invitation, Birthday, Bachelor, Baby Shower or Birth Announcement Digital Card. $16.00, via Etsy.
Sweet Embraces

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