wedding planner 2001..Who remembers this movie? after seeing this movie, I was certain of what my life’s calling was LOL!


Hi Family, I have been AWOL for 12 days now, I apologize, violating one of my core vows not nice Somiii.. I will try my best and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Am I forgiven?  thanks, Love you too!!!!!!

So what have you been up to? how has the last 12 days been? I have been up to alot, and I will share them one after the other. by the way, I got an award YAaaaY!! So excited that someone found my blog interesting enough to nominate me, shout out to you Preshy, internet bear hug, my post is almost cooked *wink*

I went for the elite model awards organised by Aquafina, it was fuuun. Yea, I know you have probably seen the pictures everywhere, but you haven’t seen it from me, so ama post it here soon and give you my own version of how things went down and the fun I had.


This morning, I was gisting with my darling LULU and our convo moved to emergency kits everyone should carry around/have in their offices because we had an issue with LULU’s zipper. I then told her about how folks always talk about safety/emergency kits for brides to carry on their big day, and no one remembers that a planner should have one too at all times, so that convo gave birth to today’s post, and I am going to call mine code red kit. WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR CODE RED KIT? Today’s post is for my fellow planners.


As an Event planner, you have to prepared for the worst at any moment. Many things can go wrong but you can eliminate much of the stress and frustration by preparing ahead and showing you know your onions.

When thinking of what to buy for your kit, start with thinking through some of the many dramas that can unfold. You might want to consider: What can happen to the decor or event setup? What will my client/guests need in case of an emergency or what have they forgotten? because trust me, these things happen. So instead of running helter skelter, just ensure you have a carry-all that contains all your needs, that way you show your client that you are more than efficient and they didn’t make a mistake hiring you.

Here are some suggestions of items to start with, you can keep adding as different scenarios play out. This list is beyond exhaustive, so please feel free to share some items you think we need in our Emergency kit a.k.a code red kit in the comments section Gracias!

So, here goes;

  • Small first aid kit for blister treatment and what have yous
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash
  • Mints/sweets and gum
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Contact solution
  • Tissues/Paper towels
  • Cello tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Pen and post-it
  • Lint Roller (for the guys)
  • Charger with different charging tips
  • Safety pins/thumb tacks
  • Earring backs
  • Batteries
  • Hair Goods: hairspray, hair straightener, bobby pins, hair ties, brush or comb, scrunchie
  • Mirror
  • Makeup
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Snacks and Water
  • Straws
  • Feminine hygiene products e.g Sanitary towels, Tampons, panty liners, disposable panties, Pantyhose, bra straps, shaving stick
  • Spray deodorant
  • Baby wipes/Hand wipes
  • Manicure set
  • Scissors/Blades
  • Baby powder
  • Shoe pads
  • Hand lotion/body spray
  • Pills for ill guests: Flagyl, Panadol, Ibuprofen
  • Nail polish remover/ Clear nail polish/cotton balls/cotton buds

wedding checklist


As you prepare for the big event day, it is always important to have everything you need to get your day going, prepare a checklist for both you and your client, that way in one glance you know what has been taken care of and what hasn’t. Must have items are your timeline, floorplan, agenda and clients agenda. Ensure you have multiple copies for all parties involved.

Last but not least it’s always important to carry your smile, patience and wisdom, you need large doses of them, and always remember “A prepared planner is a happy planner” – Somiii

I would love to find out what is in your code red kit, whether you are a planner or not, I believe everyone should own a code red kit, don’t you?


Sweet Embraces!!!


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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