Grooms Turning it Up.

Lately, we have seen grooms getting more involved in their weddings, from planing to coordination etc. Gone were the days when the bride handled everything, down to what the groom would wear. There’s an old joke that says “its only a bride who smiles on the wedding day and really enjoys herself, the groom just keeps frowning, thinking of how much he had to cough out”. These days, everyone joins and contributes to the planning, including family members and friends, some couples even form a committee (people who help financially) all to ensure that the wedding is a success.

Today, we will be looking at two grooms who did the extraordinary on their wedding day, and surprised their brides,with the help of their grooomsmen  kai! I just dey dream….

Anyway, enjoy and share your thoughts. Would you do this for your bride? for the ladies, how would you feel if your groom did this for you? better still, would you try what these grooms have done for your boo? Let’s meet at the comments section.

The first is of Dr Sid, performing a surprise dance for his bride Simi. “so toushing”.


The second is of Sean Rajaee, also performing a surprise dance for his bride “amazeballs”

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