YUMMY Baby cake ideas!

In the Spirit of babies and parties, I have gone round the world (yes, I actually travelled round to get pictures of these cakes) to gather great inspiration for yummy, creamy, might not want to eat, just admire cake ideas. They can be used for Baby showers, Baptism, Dedication, Birthday parties you name it. Enjoy and tell me the ones you like best. Last time I did a post on what to do when planning a dedication, find the post here. Now I have provided you with mouth watering cakes for your bundle of joy, drool with caution LOL!

Excellent step-by-step photo tutorial: How to make fondant baby converse shoes ... (would be fun to do in polymer clay too!)cake with fondant baby shoes 1baby shower cake. Love this cake!baby shower cakeBaby Einstein Cakebaby love cakeBaby Shower - sharing...Ballerina cakeBallerina Party: Ballet Slippers cakeStork Baby Shower CakeIt's a boy #cakeBaby shower cakeBaby CakeVintage Wedding cake for Cakes and Sugarcraft project	 by deborah hwangDolls / Toys - Toy Box Cake with fondant animals, board is all fondant and books are edible images.Diaper Bag CakeFondant baby girlRichard's CakesBaby Elephant Baby Shower Cakebaby shower cakes for girls | ... wanted.....just couldn't see paying $250 for a baby shower cake

Some of these cakes, you just want to bake them and never cut them. Hmmmm! So yummy and beautiful. I wonder, can you bake cakes and just use them as decor? would that be possible?I will find out and let you know. Wouldn’t it be amazing to just bake your favorite cake and use as a decor item in your baby’s room.


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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