On the 27th of July, My family held an event at this facility tucked along Gbagada Expressway. Prior to my little cousin’s dedication, I didn’t even know there was a place like Quad T Event Center, but I’d always seen the artistic and eye catching gate and always soliloquized “who owns this fine gate, the house must be very fine ohh”,  till I discovered it was an Event Center.


We held the dedication ceremony of my Little cousin Obinna Jason Okpara. We hosted 400+ guests, I and Susan of Splash Events did the decor (pictures for that will be up soon, still in the works, just manage this one below). The hall was adequate for everyone. initially we set up for 250, and realized it wouldn’t accommodate all, so we set up for 400 guests.


That’s moi at the extreme, close to the speakers and the lady on the right is Susan.



It is a very cozy and well structured place. I like that its not too big, adequate for a very intimate event. The parking space for the facility is a school nearby and when your guests park, a vehicle transports them from the parking area to the facility, cool right? The hall can seat 400 guests comfortably and provides you with speakers, projector, standing fans if you feel the ACs aren’t enough for your guests. A good space in front of the hall that can be used for red carpet events. A kitchenette, as they call it, for you and your guests to wash up your utensils after use. Nursing mums can also wash up their baby’s eating kit after feeding, talk about being thoughtful. There is a changing room equipped with a bathroom and toilet for you to freshen up when the need arises, adequate toilet facilities for your guests. Quad T also has chillers, which is an added advantage, you can chill your drinks right at the facility and avoid issues of late delivery by your drink vendors.

isn’t the gate fine?

Audio console, Speakers, wireless mics… all your DJ/Band need is to plug-in!


The staff of Quad T are very courteous and friendly. They attended to all our needs, right from Saturday when we started set up and decor. The management was also on hand to ensure that things were moving smoothly. While we were working on Saturday, I took a walk round the entire facility to see things for myself; very clean and tidy plus these were the places I discovered.

Chilling drums


Having an Event soon and thinking of a place to use? Think Quad T, I was very impressed with the place and none of our guests complained about anything. The Management was also around on the day of our event to capture pictures for their social media platforms. They are coming up with a lot of value added services that will give other event centers a run for their money. They provide the following services on request: Event ushers, special security, cleaning and decoration of the venue, Catering, Drinks Supply, Floral Arrangement, Cakes and Confectioneries and a wide range of other services in other to make your event colorful and memorable. They even help publicize your Event on their social media platforms. (Value Add toh bad)

I give them a 10 star rating      


Obi’s dedication sure was colorful and groovy, people danced into the night and didn’t want to go home.
Guests at Obi’s dedication



Have you been to/used Quad T before? What was your experience like?




Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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