My Baby is going to Church, What do I do?



Julius Agwu's Son's Dedication in Lagos - February 2014 - BellaNaija - 042

Baby dedications are becoming a big ceremony in our country, Parents these days want to celebrate the arrival of their bundle/bundles of joy in a big way, and let people know that their heirs have arrived. As with every event in Nigeria, A baby dedication requires planning too, you’re shocked? Don’t be trust me, when you start running short of chairs and food, you realise that “Oh, I should have made adequate plans for this event”. So, in light of this, I’m going to be sharing some tips to put into consideration when planning a baby dedication ceremony.

TIP 1: what kind of event do you have in mind? Do you want a big event, do you want something small, with just family and friends. Do you want to use a hall or host your guests in your house? Do you want a themed event? You have to decide on the kind of event you want first, it gives you direction.

TIP 2: What is your budget like? How much are you willing to spend for this event? Having a budget, also affects the kind of event you will have, because you can’t be planning a big event on a small budget except you are planning for a fiasco on that day. Budgeting also helps you prioritise and attend to what’s important first before considering extras. It also helps you decide how much to spend on each service.

Mercy Johnson

TIP 3: How many guests are you expecting? 100, 250, 450. This is very important, so you can plan accordingly and cater for the right number of people. It is also advisable to add extra mouths and chairs, because trust Nigerians, they will always come with their extended families to any event that they are being invited to, so make provision for those extras.

TIP 4: Write down/Type down all the services you would require on that day; in other words, keep tabs of all you are doing, so you do not forget or omit one service. Food, Drinks, Hall (if it’s holding outside your house), Canopies/Tents Chairs&Tables (if it’s holding at your house), Photographer/Videographer, etc. write down the name of the vendor, service they are rendering, contact, how much you have deposited, the balance payment etc.

TIP 5: Schedule meetings with your vendors, and be specific in your demands, so they know exactly what you want from them, to avoid any surprises. Go ahead and even organise a vendor’s meeting, so everyone truly understands what the day is about and your expectations.

Finally enjoy your day with your Family and Friends, don’t fret the small stuff, just relax and have fun, like baby Zadok is doing below.

Julius Agwu's Son's Dedication in Lagos - February 2014 - BellaNaija - 039

Julius Agwu's Son's Dedication in Lagos - February 2014 - BellaNaija - 024

PHOTO CREDIT: Bella Naija and Akara Ogheneworo


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