I know a woman, a very soulful woman, an amazing worshiper, a strong willed and determined woman, a faith addict, a go getter, one who sets her mind to any task and sees it to the end, a dreamer, a realist, an over achiever. She has grown from grace to grace and it has been amazing watching God show Himself in all that concerns her. She has won awards and graced stages locally and internationally.

In February 2012, she held her first event “For the Love of the Season, Music and Style Scenes” and it was a huge success. It featured renowned designer KIKI KAMANU showcasing her designs while artists serenaded the guests.

For the Love of the Season: with Segun Obe
I wonder what julius said here that has her this way LOL!…Julius Agwu was the host of the evening.
performing with waje
performing with gaise

I missed the event, because I had to go defend my project in school, but I saw the pictures, watched the video and heard plenty gist about the success of the event. It was through the amazing pictures I first came in contact with an amazing storyteller, one who transports you to his various destinations through his pictures and words ahhhhh AKARA OGHENEWORO, you are gifted at what you do. I will do a crush post on him soon, watch out!!!!!

Ok, where was I, I was talking about this dogged woman that I know abi? Ok, she released an Epic song this year “Everything has changed” and it has been touching lives and healing hearts, you haven’t heard the song?? how come, after reading this, go to this link and download the song sharp sharp.

A screen shot of the video Everything has changed.

She has an event coming up soon “Onos Live in Concert” and trust me, you don’t wanna carry last. It is going down at Victory Dome, David’s Christian Centre, Behind PHCN office, Fatgbems bus stop, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos. It will feature great acts like Chigul(have you heard Chigul sing? hmmmm  my lips are sealed, come and find out), Timi Dakolo, Sammie Okposo, MK, Mc Abbey amongst others. I’m telling you, you don’t want to hear about this event just on the blog ohhh, I want you to be able to go to the comments section and even remind me of a part of the event I missed talking about, but I will do my best to capture every moment. LOL!

She is ONOS ARIYO nee BIKAWEI aka RAIN MAKER, when she sings, God opens the flood gates of heaven and it RAINS!!!!

She has the kind of voice I like LOL! Deep, rich African voice. Her sophomore album debuts on the 17th with the hit song Everything has changed and a new hit Alagbara which has plenty oil in it according to her.

August 17th 2014 5pm where will you be? DCC of course gearing up to worship and praise your Sugar Daddy with No Limits!!!!!!


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