I am very proud and excited to present our first bride for this series. Her name is Lynda Mbelu b.k.a *lynn*. She was my (bunkie) bunk mate in J.S.S 2, we were also locker mates. She is going to share her amazing journey with us, Her story will come in 3 parts, This is part 1, ENJOY!!!




My name is Lynda fondly called Bella by my sweet hubby Chike*smiles*. Chike and I celebrated our traditional marriage a few months back (April 19th, 2014 to be precise) and plans are on for our church wedding in a few weeks!

Well, that’s the stage we are in now but before we proceed, let me take you all back to how it all started…..

August 2012… My sugar bunny at the time was based in Port Harcourt but had returned to spend his Annual leave with his family in Lagos where I was also based. His family and mine are members of the same church. Apparently, his family friend, who was also my family friend, had told him some things about me and so he came to church that fateful Sunday with intentions. That didn’t prevent him from being swept off his feet when he set his eyes on me (trying so hard not to blow my trumpet so I would just say maybe it was love at first sight).*hehehe*. Well, the introduction was done by the family friend and she ‘ran off on us’. As is characteristic of my church service when it ends, there were small and large groups of people everywhere and it was so not an ideal meeting place so we just exchanged numbers and agreed to hook up some place else later. Barely an hour afterwards, I got a call from him. With the way we kept on and on talking about any and everything, you wouldn’t believe we had only just met. Trust my stubborn hubby to pretend not to be too eager, he fixed a date for Friday! I liked that though because when a guy starts being too eager or starts drooling over me, it’s almost a turn off. He called me later that day (Sunday still) again, Monday and by evening on Monday, he could no longer wait till Friday. He requested that we see the next day. Well, long story short, it was a nice time with him but there was some ‘road block’….i was seeing someone else at the time. And so It was more like a ‘hello, very nice meeting you but Goodbye’. There was no form of communication again for a very long period, then one day he called again. This time, we both had open minds, zero intentions and could have a simple beautiful friendship….till it was more than friendship…and there was no ‘road block’!

The Proposal… February 13th, 2013, I was on the phone most of the day with my sugar bunny and as far as I knew, he was at the office in faraway Port Harcourt. I got home from work at about past 6pm and had just gotten my work clothes off when I heard the doorbell. ‘’Mum is back from work’’ I thought, as I threw on whatever covering I could find and went to open the door. Lo and behold, he was there. Oh yeah, now it was my turn to stand staring like I had seen a ghost too stunned to utter a word. I stared at him for some seconds before I found my voice and then the many questions started streaming out, while I fondled with the keys anxious to get the door opened. By the time I was through, he was on his knees with the ring and the question! 2nd shocker of the day. This time, my shyness didn’t leave me standing o…as in I have never been more shy all my life!lol. I quickly dragged him from the floor, into the house and away from prying eyes. As soon as he was in, he got on his knees again. I buried my head in shyness blushing my cheeks out till my voice found itself and sure, I said ‘‘Yes’’.

And the wedding preparations began!


Watch out for Part 2 *Wink*


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