these feet are marching to the permanent site!!!! LOL

Is it okay to chant HIP HIP HIP HURRAY for people getting married? I don’t know, but I feel like chanting HIP HIP HIP HURRAY, I guess its appropriate because the chant is meant for celebrations and THIS is definitely a CELEBRATIONNNN.  Today, Yemi and Yomi a.k.a Sisi and Bobo will officially move to the permanent site, with angels walking them down the path, yea, GOD sent angels down specifically for this mission because its been a long time coming, can I get an OH YEA!!!

If you didn’t get IV or you didn’t hear about it, don’t worry I trust Sisi Yemi, She will graciously shower you with pictures, just be patient for a few days, she is a correct Doroblogger and loves her sisiyemmie fam die. BellaNaija, will also lavish you with pictures, and I know theirs will come before Sisi’s, because Sisi will be whisked off to the Burj for her honeymoon. Wait a minute, I forgot *shines teeth* You can follow live on instagram via these hash tags #YemYom14 #PermanentSite #SisiBobo #Surulere.

This wedding+ the honeymoon is all expense paid courtesy My Big Nigerian wedding who partnered with the maestros of the wedding industry to pull off this first in the history of Naija. You don’t know what that’s about? How come??? Where do you live? Ngwa, check here.

This was when they won My Big Nigerian Wedding.

I wish Mr and Mrs Yomi Odusanya a Happy Married Life. Plenty babies, Good health, Long life and all the best things marriage has to offer, They will enjoy their marriage and not endure it. Can I get an AMEN??? AMIN AMIN AMIN NI ORUKO JESU AMIN!!!!!

Kai!! These peeps are *Drunk in Love*

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