IT’S MY 50TH POST. YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1st of July 2014.      First Half’s over and done with; GOD be praised!!!!!




Happy New Month Folks! Thank God for the grace and opportunity to see another Month. At the end of the 1st quarter, I shared this, and the testimonies have only multiplied.

I greatly appreciate the gift of life, and I don’t take for granted the fact that I’m alive. The last 6 months have been pretty eventful, It’s my 50th post. I don’t believe it!!!!

I don’t even know what to say, I just know that God has given me the strength, time and grace to get this far. 50 seemed so far early in the year, but I did it. Big Ups to Me.

Thank You DaD….


In the 2nd quarter of the year, I was invited to 2 amazing programmes for women, both held in DCC. Now hold on let me explain, the 1st one was in Daystar Christian Centre (DCC) tagged “Blessed to Build”. My colleague invited me and because I love Daystar so much, I didn’t think twice.

The 2nd was in David Christian Centre (DCC) tagged Akikitan ‘when women worship’. I invited myself for this one ohhh, after I read the post of last year’s WWW tagged  Imela, I didn’t need an invite for Akikitan, I found my way there. Both programmes were life changing and I’m glad I didn’t miss any.



It’s the beginning of July, I’m sure you have looked back and probably asked yourself “what have I been doing in the last 6 months”, If you haven’t achieved much of what you expected, don’t despair. Our God is faithful and He will definitely give you the grace to finish well. I’ll just share with us some things I jotted down at the beginning of the year at the first Just us girls Naija program held at David Christian Centre (DCC) and organised by Pastor Mildred aka PM.

Nobody introduced me to PM, I found her and I haven’t looked back. She manages the blog Just Us Girls Naija, and this blog is bookmarked on my phone and laptop hehehehe. This was what she told us to do this year, and I know I haven’t been doing all of it, so I looked through my sermon note again, to remind myself of some of the things she shared and decided to share them with us.

If you haven’t done any of these, it’s never too late to start. Thankfully this 2nd half gives us another opportunity to go back to the drawing board and come up with another winning plan. I sure do need one. So here goes;

  • Always remember the things God has done for you and appreciate Him.
  • Be dogged and persistent in your faith
  • Re-evaluate your friendships (miss nice girl/guy doesn’t pay ohh)
  • Make a conscious effort to be friends with people you can benefit from (stalk them if you have to, Somiii’s quote)
  • Focus on your life, aka mind your business. Make yourself a better person and have a definite plan for your life
  • Prioritise! Prioritise!! Prioritise!!!
  • Don’t miss church and fellowship anymore, everything you are looking for is in church. (answers, peace, healing, strength)
  • Be Courageous in all your ways and be faithful in everything you do.
  • Expect favour, A LOT of it.
  • Live ready, you never know when someone will invite you on a trip to the Bahamas, you wouldn’t want to miss the trip just because you don’t have a passport. “haaaaaa”  no way.
  • Have mad fun for the remainder of the year!



Is there any other thing you think we need to add to the list? Please share

It’s the second half of this match guys, What are you grateful for and What are you looking forward to?



Sweet Embraces!!!!!




Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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