Toju & Dami | Yoruba & Itsekiri - Lagos, Nigerian Wedding | BellaNaija 2014 | AkinTayoTimi 0DSC_8424
Don’t you just love this view…. Source – BellaNaija

Hi Guys,

This week was fast right? it’s Friday already. Thank God for an amazing week. I hope your week was fruitful and very productive.

I shared a video earlier this week of a wedding entrance, by Bisi Sotunde CEO BusyBee Events and her groom. did you enjoy it? I’m sure you did. The groom’s energy, very contagious. They needed no ginger. they did good all by themselves.

I have another wedding entrance to share with us today. This one is very original and captivating. it will keep you wondering and asking yourself  “wetin this groom wan do again naa” . The groom is the CEO of  Sculptors Event Planners Abuja. I like that our planners are setting the trend for amazing wedding ideas. I am a great fan of adding your personal touch to your event, especially YOUR WEDDING. who says you have to wear a white long dress or a tux? who says you have to walk down the aisle to “here comes the bride” or “Praise to the Lord” or one boring hymn. why can’t you walk down the aisle to a song that tells your story or explains how you feel (remember say na gospel song ohh) or explains how your boo is GODs love on earth to you. But if you love “here comes the bride” by all means have fun with it. Anyway enjoy the video, and tell me what you would lift from this concept or would you use it as an inspiration for yours?  Here are a few posts from around the web…

Find out  Events happening this weekend on bellanaija. Mr Nigeria’s welcome party amongst other things.

Planning a dinner party soon?  Christine has some ideas to share.

While planning the party, here is a  cocktail recipe to try out from elles icebox.

Here is how to plan your baby’s first birthday

So enjoy these posts, don’t forget to share your thoughts. Have an amazing weekend guys!!!!

Sweet Embraces!!!!!!!


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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