16th November 2013

EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy! Here we are, it took me and my sis 2 hours to set up this blog. We were so indecisive, tossing back and forth until we arrived at this. YAAAAY!!!!. I’m proud of us, Shout out to you sis(my special adviser).


So it’s been on my mind to start a blog, as a way to share my thoughts on various topics but I’ve been plagued by a lot of insecurities like, “will people like what i write”, “will i be able to provide beautiful content always”, “wont people yab me and call me “copy copy”.  A famous writer once said ” i’d rather have a life of “Oh wells” than a life of “what ifs”. So I shed all my insecurities and followed my heart. So here is;

A little note to self;

I pledge to be CONSISTENT (a necessary trait for bloggers)

I pledge to be informative, educative and entertaining

I pledge to be creative and original

So help me God, did i hear an Amen?? Yea tutu just said one. ( by the way, tutu is my little cousin)

17th June 2014

Have I lived up to these pledges?  Trying my best, and evolving greatly. One thing I have tried to do, is to carve a niche for myself, even though the temptation of diverting comes once in a while. I have remained in my field and blogged about my interests, which is events and wedding related information.

My dream for this blog is to make it a resource centre for all event and wedding needs (so help me GOD), and then add a bit about my life’s chronicles once in a while. With time, I know the results of my work will begin to spring forth. Tilll then, I’ll just be here doing my thing and adding my two kobo!!!



Sweet Embraces!!!!!


Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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