Cake from Biii


Trying to balance work and my blog isn’t a small feat, but God dey and I love what I do. A strange way to start right? well, I just needed to let that out, pardon me.

21st of May was my mum’s birthday. She wanted a quiet day (doesn’t she always have a quiet day?) anyway, she said “no noise, no drama”, but that can’t work, you know, so no one payed attention to her. She got two cakes from Amar and Biii. She also got two lovely bags from her patient and two work shoes from moi (everything was double double). I got home early from work on that day, Amar & Oge were preparing a sumptuous dinner of chicken soup and rice and yours truly provided the necessary liquid to wash it down. It was a great day and I thank God for another year. Here is what I shared on Facebook.

mummy's FB post


Some fun pictures from the day.

mrs akpan,mama,ms uche

IMG_20140521_135935 IMG_20140521_162037

Cake from Amar





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