So, on Friday, I shared with us, a post about FOOD, I do hope we were able to take out a thing or two from that post. One point I’d like to re-iterate again is, ensure food is evenly distributed. *that’s all*.

Today we will be continuing our gist on food and we will be speaking to you the guest. Remember, I shared a story about a lady who ate almost everything that was served at an event and even asked me to get her a crème caramel which she never knew existed before that day. I will be speaking from that angle.

Yes. Events are a good opportunity to set your taste buds free and explore. Yes. I know you don’t really get to eat some of the meals served at events at other regular times due to so many reasons. I am also aware that “party rice” as it is fondly called, tastes differently than our home made Jollof or Fried rice. I know all these very salient important points.  However, I strongly believe that we should practice decorum when we are at events. There is a saying that “awoof dey purge belle” meaning “free things are never really free”. So, my darlings, eat with caution. Below is a list of points that we should keep in mind whenever attending any event. So, here goes;

i. Thou shall sit quietly and wait to be served. Never and I repeat never get up to go and ask for food or start raising your voice except in the case of a buffet. If and when a waiter comes close to your table, you can ask nicely and quietly that the waiter get you a plate and if he/she forgets, then, let it go. Most times, waiters practice selective forgetfulness, so, just ignore. Please don’t ever utter; “is it because of food you are insulting me?” “is this not what I had for dinner last night?” or “Do you know my relationship with the celebrant?” Please respect your father’s heritage and leave your boxing gloves at home.

ii.  Thou shall eat only the things you know. Don’t use an event as an opportunity to experiment with your stomach. If a food item seems strange and there is no one around you who can vouch for that food, kindly decline, and eat only familiar foods. However, if by some special means you have been endowed with the emotional and physical stamina to “weather any storm”, then by all means knock yourself out.

iii.  Thou shall not take laxatives (on an empty stomach) before going for any event. HABA!  I know you want to try everything on the buffet table and order all the “orderables”, but biko! tone it down. There’s no need to prepare your stomach for the stellar performance that it probably won’t get. I have had several experiences where I planned that I will kill myself with food when I go for the event, only to get there and not even get bottle water. Imagine if I had taken a laxative in anticipation for the food…. Don’t go on an empty stomach with the assurance that food go dey yanfu yanfu, so nothing dey happen. Just eat from home so that if you don’t get food, you are still covered.

iv.  Thou shall not bribe waiters for food. NO! NO! NO! It’s just so wrong. After all your fine dressing, you will bribe waiter to ensure your table is never empty? HOW? Who does that? Or you bring plate and plastic bag from home for takeaway. You collect for your sister, grandmother, distant cousin, baby in your womb .WHY?  Na you pay caterer?

If I have sounded a bit harsh, I promise you, that was not the intention. I must say that these are things I have noticed happen in some of the events I have coordinated and I have decided to intervene on behalf of everyone out there. So, please, the next time you go for any event, try and practice these eating etiquette and trust me, you will be fine. One fine bobo or sisi fit notice you sef because say you coordinate well. *Huge wink*

Have you experienced any of these at any events you have hosted or attended? Please share, I’d like to know.


Sweet Embraces!



  1. Don’t go on an empty stomach with the assurance that food go dey yanfu yanfu, so nothing dey happen.’ LMAO!!!! I had no idea about this o. Kai! The things function attendees can like to do for food.


    1. I have been a victim of that atleast twice. I was so sure food will be everywhere, So i didnt eat before leaving the house, and i got the shock of my life. I left with my stomach still empty.i


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