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Welcome to Somiii’s Convos, How are we doing? I hope the week has been productive? Today on Somiii’s Convos, we will be talking about meals at our events. Our country is one blessed with different varieties of food and I’m glad that you get to find various mouth-watering local and continental dishes at events, not just *rice*.

At an event, finger foods are usually served first, followed by the main meal and then dessert. This is done to keep your guests sated and happy throughout the event. Although most folks believe the extras on the side are just excesses that can be done without, some still indulge in it, to ensure their guests are truly satisfied. After all, most people go to events to eat *better food*.  You even have people who come with their plastic bags for *take away*.

There was this time I co-ordinated an event and one particular lady kept calling me to bring practically every food that was being served for her. It was exhausting. When the dessert was being served, she said “my dear, please bring that thing for me” and I was like “which thing” and she said “what that waiter is carrying”. I felt like dying (in my MD’s voice). She wanted what the waiter was carrying and she didn’t even know what it was, by the way it was Crème Caramel.

Food is the heart of any event and without it, you might as well not invite anybody. It is always advisable to get your food right, make sure to hire a good caterer that is equally affordable because on that day, if the food isn’t right, people won’t blame the caterer but you the host. Also, ensure that the food is evenly distributed by those in charge because most times you have cases where the food is just shared at particular segments of the hall and the *not so important guests* get little or nothing. The advent of ushers has brought a solution, because they monitor the tables and ensure that no one is left out. (So always use ushers, they are not a waste of money.) Keep in mind that the caterer’s huge bill will only be measured in the total satisfaction of all the guests.

What are the food experiences you’ve had at events you attended or hosted? Share please. Meanwhile, feed your eyes with these sumptuous meals. Salivating is allowed *winks*


Sweet Embraces!



2 thoughts on “MUCH ADO ABOUT FOOD

  1. But finally the meals displayed here are mouth watering. So mouth watering it makes me remember my time at the Farafina workshop. The delicacies served during those two weeks eh….Lordie!


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