Hello guys, Thank God Its Friday *whew* I am so glad, even though the weekend ends before I even wake up on Saturday, at least I will sleep till 7am.

Today’s feature on vendor spotlight is Miss Loretta Okeke, CEO Lorenon Hair. I’m sure some of us will be wondering how hair affects your event. It actually does especially for the brides. You are the centre of attention, the most beautiful woman to behold on your day, so you need to look the part and that’s where LORENON HAIR comes in. Ensuring you look like a zillion bucks on your day. Plus there is no need to worry about how you will maintain your weaves, Oby has all the answers, so click here and here to get a free crash course. Alright enough blabbing from me, I present to you Loretta, Enjoy her story!

I am Loretta Okeke, CEO Lorenon Hair. I am a graduate of Economics Education from the University of Lagos.
Lorenon Hair started in Feb 2013, I was one of those people who said NO to buying hair of such outrageous amount until sometime in 2009(well then I was already working so plenty cash) a friend of mine forced me to buy one and then trust me my perception changed. In 2013, I was motivated by my sister who got a direct link from a hair company in the UK and I gave it a try and here I am *smiling*.

What I love most about my business is the internal satisfaction I get when I see my clients rocking Lorenon Hair. Here’s what one client of mine had to say about Lorenon Hair 
“For your high quality human hair weaves and wigs, Lorenon Hair is my go to girl for all my hair needs. She can hook you up with very good quality remy or virgin human hair that last for years upon years with very little or no shedding at all” this is one particular client I cannot forget in a hurry. Lorenon hair has been tested and trusted and I believe in the originality of my product but the truth is that I face challenges regularly, like clients not being able to maintain their hair, and then complaining that its not original. so I always find myself giving them tips on how to maintain their human hair.
If I am not doing business I would probably be a Lecturer *wink*
I see Lorenon Hair having its own hair brand in the nearest future.

We sell various types of hair like Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, Mongolian, Spanish, Funmi hair, the list goes on. The hair comes in straight, body wave, spiral wave, loose wave, romance curl, kinky curl, etc. and each bundle contains 2 or 3 (200 or 300 grams) bundles for a full head weave. The prices of the different kinds of hair vary, depending on the length and hair type but you can get one for as low as 15k per hair . 
We can be contacted on 08061662120 or 07046835661, BB pin: 7E01AE79 and Email: Below are sample pictures of my products:





Lorenon hair 1 Lorenon hair 2 Lorenon hair 3 Lorenon hair 4 Lorenon hair 5 Lorenon hair 6 Lorenon hair 7

Our beautiful bride rocking Lorenon Hair, doesn’t she look divine?

Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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