Hello awesome fam! How is today going? how many people are at work like me? I’m trying to use one stone to kill plenty birds. While working, I decided to put something up quickly.

We have another vendor for today’s spotlight. Her name is Deborah Izehiuwa aka debby. We were in the same department in the prestigious University of Port Harcourt. She is a MUA (make up artist) who started not too long ago and has done so well for herself. Enjoy her story!


My name is Debby Izehiuwa, I live in benin city,Edo state. I graduated from University of Port Harcourt in 2011 and I studied Linguistics and Communication studies.
I got to know about makeup when I went to Nysc camp, we were taught makeup artistry and what it entails, normally I do not fancy makeup so much, but after the lessons in camp,I fell in love with makeup artistry. And after camp,I registered in a makeup school in benin and it took me 3months. I also did some training on my own,downloading series of videos,pictures and also doing lots and lots of practice. I finally started my own business in August 2013.

What I love most about being a makeup artist is the joy and fulfillment of seeing a client so happy after you are done with her face, the feeling is so superb. The client I will never forget is Mrs Jane Anele, she was a wonderful bride with a lovely skin which made my job so easy.

The challenges I have encountered in this business is getting clients to pay you reasonable amount for a job well done. They feel because you are just coming up and you are not well known, they can pay you whatever they like.

If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I would have been working in Globacom because that’s where I have always wanted to work. Osamu of beautymatters inspires me a lot,she is my rolemodel when it comes to being a makeup artist.

I really love what I do and I see myself becoming an international brand and growing speedily.

some of my works below;

debby's art 1 debby's art 2 debby's art 3 debby's art 4 debby's art 5 debby's art 6 debby's art 7



  1. Debby I’m so proud of u…..luv ur passion cos it’s also mine. Well no need 2 get in contact with sleek studio or Tara for my wed makeup. Sure will hola wen I am ready. Cheers n all d best .

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