Good Day and Welcome to Somiii’s Nest   please indulge me and all these my names. I try out a name in my head and if I like the sound of it, I bring it in here. Tell me what you think. LOL

Today on Somiii’s Convos, we will be talking about facts to consider when choosing an event venue. I’ts not enough to say “I like that hall, it seems good enough, it looks nice, I’ll use it.” NO!! There is much more to choosing a venue than that. So i bring you the Top 5;

  1. LOCATION: The location of your venue is a key factor in determining your venue. For Nigerians, especially those who live in Lagos, traffic is a major issue. You don’t what your guests stuck in traffic because they are trying to get to your venue or vice versa. For a wedding, ensure your church and reception are not very far from each other. Imagine having your church service at Lekki and your reception at Ikeja *whew* that’s a BIG NO NO, and will be stressful for you and your guests. Also, how secure is the location you are choosing especially at night incase your event runs into the night.
  2. BUDGET: You have chosen a location for your event, good. Now it’s time to consider your pocket and search for venues that speak the same language with your pocket. You don’t want to pick a venue that is above your budget, who says a venue has to be indoors. I co-planned/coordinated a wedding in December, and the reception was a bar/viewing centre, But the decorator totally transformed the place, it looked amazing.  So pick a decent and beautiful place that is in line with your budget.

3. VENUE CAPACITY: Are you expecting guests of 250 or 350? Please ensure that the venue you choose can accommodate all your guests. I’m sure you do not want a situation where your guests don’t have where to sit, and they end up standing or worse hustling for their own seats. It’s not a pleasant sight trust me. Find out the capacity of the hall and if there is provision for “over flow”, so that there is adequate space for everyone.

4. VENUE AMENITIES: The venue must be capable of fulfilling the requirements of parking areas, electricity, restrooms, serving areas and all other basic amenities to give you a seamless event with the least amount of hassles. Also look out for the physical appearance of the venue; carpet/flooring, paint, décor, condition of the grounds and the restrooms etc. The venue must also allow you to incorporate your personal plans; like certain kinds of decoration, flexibility to adjust room layout/tables&chairs, vendor service points, fireworks etc.

5. VENUE REQUIREMENTS: Most venues have different kinds of rules and regulations. A trend for Event Facilities is charging all vendors serving at your event a refundable fee, to cover up for damages, irrespective of payment to use the facility, so find out what is obtainable with your venue choice. If you are going to bring in your tables&chairs, find out if you will be paying for them to take theirs out. Make sure you ask all necessary questions concerning the venue before you make any payments.

Choosing the perfect event location is one of the biggest steps in planning an event. Selecting the wrong location can ruin your event and finding the perfect location helps all other details fall into place easily. It is very important for you to view a site in person to be sure it meets your requirements before signing any contracts. Also make sure to read through your contracts carefully before signing. While going to view your site, carry a checklist with you, to ensure you do not overlook any important detail. Also have the contact number of the venue rep, in case you need to clarify any information.

If you are married or had an event recently, how did you decide on the location, was it everything you wanted? If you are planning an event, how is the venue selection coming? Let’s discuss


Sweet Embraces!



Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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