We have our first vendor for VENDOR SPOTLIGHT on Somiii’s Convos… YAY!!! i’m so excited. I present to you Nosakhare Ohenhen. We went to secondary school together, now she is a professional Makeup artist. Here’s what she has to say Enjoy!

nosa ohenhen.

My name is Ohenhen Nosakhare Omodolapo…CEO Khare’s Touch….I am a Professional Makeup artist aka ProMUA and a bridal consultant. I went into makeup professionally because I have always had the flare and passion for it. I found out it was something I enjoyed doing with so much ease and being such a creative person, it was a great avenue 2 pour out my creativity.

Makeup for me is a form of art, and just like every other form of art, it depicts and expresses something in respective of the mood, tone, colour etc. I’ve been into makeup for as long as I can remember but professionally, I started out about a year and half ago. I remember being asked to go for a product survey for a company I intended to work for and on getting to the market, I came across this section for makeup products and you can’t imagine the excitement in me, I forgot all about the main reason why I was in the market and ended up using all the money I had on me to get my very first makeup box.

I have always been good at making myself look pretty, especially my brows(which is my signature), and most times people asked how I carved my brows so well and wanted me to help them out with theirs, but I couldn’t because I was only good at doing it on myself. So I decided to go to a makeup school to learn makeup professionally. One of my favorite personal mantras is “when you make your passion your profession, life is so beautiful“.

Being a ProMUA has been so fulfilling because besides the monetary aspect,I enjoy what I do and i am never tired of it. Am always excited to work, I love to bring out the priceless beauty in people and when the client is happy, I am happy. I got the chance to make my dream a reality and I want to give others that same edge in my own way. Thankfully, I have been able to train a number of individuals through my beauty lounge/makeup school.

If I was not a makeup artiste…….hmmm……I’d probably be a newscaster or presenter. My contact details are;

Beauty lounge: No 1 Ovienmhada street Palmgrove Lagos.

Phone Number: 07062378845 or 08029501800

Twitter: @nosakhare_68780

Facebook: khare ohenhen.

Some of my works below;

Khare at work
Khare at work
Felicia Oby Egbuche nee Okeke during her makeup trial before her wedding.
Felicia Oby Egbuche nee Okeke during her makeup trial before her wedding.


  1. Keep up the good job Nosa, not because you’re my friend but because your work is clean, sharp and excellent. I know a number of make-up artists in this town and beyond so when I say a thing I know what am saying.. It’s just an interpretation of what you’ve always got on the inside of you…………. MUCH RESPECT proMUA!!!


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