Here is Episode 2 of THE TALE…Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments…

Day 2:  Had to go yesterday. So sorry.

Where did I stop? Yeah. He stretched out his hand to shake mine. As I placed mine in his, I felt my body go light. Of course, my face revealed no emotion whatsoever. I gave my best smile and we said our names and that, my dear friend is how Todi met Kubi. Yes. That’s his name – Kubi. You guessed right. I’m Todi.

Moving on!

Kubi took a seat directly opposite me. I, then, took my time to study the cute young man that I just met. As I looked, I saw. As I watched, I heard. Soon enough, gist began to flow.

We talked about the recruitment process. How we each heard about the opening, our previous places of employment and other seemingly important things.

My mind registered everything about those moments. His smell, his voice, the texture of his hand – it was just one handshake but it was enough material to create a movie in my head. Have I mentioned that I have a hyper, hyper, overactive imagination? Yep. I do.

We all talked whilst we waited for Mr T to come welcome and tell us about the agency. Mr T came and we got necessary information plus a tour of the agency. Met all the managers and executives. Got the His, hellos and welcomes.

All the while, I made extra sure that I was close to Kubi. Not conspicuously close but close enough to get that “Kubi scent” again.

We went round and were shown to our seating areas. Zara and I chatted all through. You see, we met on the very first day of the aptitude tests. She arrived first and I second. We exchanged BB pins that day found out we both loved a certain genre of books. Yippee!!! We caught up on “surface gist” while exchanging things we noticed during our tour.

We, almost immediately, started working. For real ooo. I, conveniently and creatively, made sure we were assigned to the same process. It was cool. I got to know him a bit better.

As I sat beside him, I took in his smell –everything about him – while trying very much to concentrate on the conversation and the work itself. When I heard him laugh, I could only smile. It was one of those moments when words are not enough to express the combo of feelings and sensations that I experienced. Dairy, when he smiled, OMG! He really smiled nicely, exposing a perfect set of dentition.

Till we left that evening, I studied, catalogued and noticed all I could. At the end of the day, I concluded on one thing. Of this, I was 100%, irrevocably, undoubtedly sure. I had a serious and major crush on Kubi. How did I know this? I’ll explain tomorrow.

Kisses. xoxoxoxo.


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