Words cannot begin to describe the way i feel, i keep asking, so why in Gods name did you start the blog???? But you know what, we are still in January so Happy new years are still in order. So permit me to say *clears throat* Happy New Year to you all. I’m glad we have this and we can chill once in a while. Ngwa! Prayer mode activated, This year is your year of greater glory. this year God will order your steps and direct your path. He will preserve, protect and guide you in all your ways. all you didn’t achieve in 2013, you will achieve all in 2014. In Jesus Name, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 So my advice for the year goes; Draw close to God, develop a relationship with Him, that goes way beyond being religious. Dont just go to him when your in need or when you are in trouble, but seek His face and ways always, know His word for you and desire to know more. Hes an awesome God and He answers prayers, Remember patience is a virtue and Gods delays are not His denials.
This year, make resolutions you can keep, strive to be better in every area of your life. Resolutions shouldn’t always be about changing a bad behaviour, it could also be about getting better in something you do or a way of life. Give always, Give cheerfully remember you are more blessed in giving than receiving. Have an open mind towards everyone and everything, don’t be quick to judge. Live your life to the fullest, we only live once you know.
Take a break once in while, have fun, see a movie when you can, Hang out with friends and family.
Remember; All work and No play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl. and to wrap it up, i dedicate Jaywon’s THIS YEAR to y’all. Have a SUPERFANTASTIC AMAZEBALLS 2014.

Share your thoughts, I sincerely want to know what you think. Gracias!

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