Hello Folks, Im so sorry for taking this long to post. I promised to be consistent, and here i am violating “my sacred rules”.Not really my fault ohh you see, Laptop and Internet wahala *whew* not easy at all, but i’m working on it and it should be fixed soon.
So the proposal came and with it different responses, “My God, i cant believe it” , “You finally wore your thinking cap”, “Well,iv been expecting it for a while now”, “Finally”. The point is, he finally proposed and you couldn’t be more happier. CONGRATULATIONS DEAR!!!!! After the excitement of the proposal dies down and you probably sleep over it, the next thing your thinking is PLANNING YOUR DREAM WEDDING.
I have observed that the planning of the wedding is usually done by the bride, most men can’t be bothered about fresh or artificial flowers and the various shades of a particular colour. just give them a suit and they are good to go. But i strongly advice you carry your hubby to be along, let him know all the decisions and plans you make, ask for his input, get him interested in the planning process. For most brides to be, they don’t even know the first thing about planning a wedding, whom to call,where to start, the whole nine yards. some ladies actually start having panic attacks. Hmmmm!!!!. In planning your wedding. there are two things involved:
a. Plan the wedding yourself
b. Get a wedding Planner

Planning the wedding yourself could be quite tedious, because there is so much to be done, but with the help of good friends and family, your work could be made easier. you can delegate and have each person with one or more errands to run, while you overseer. the good thing about our society now is that there is always a vendor lurking around the corner, A family member/friend, a friend’s friend, an old acquaintance etc. So ask your family and friends for vendors that they know who offer various services you would need on your wedding day. have a note, to jot down all you do and possibly a journal to write down your experiences.
If you decide to get a planner,He/She does all the work and reports to you on various developments. you could have vendors that you’ve met before and have decided that come what may, you must use them, and also vendors recommended by family and friends. The rest can be suggested and contacted by the planner. The work of the planner is to follow up on all vendors, get you good bargains and excellent services and ensure that your day is hitch free. It is wise to work hand in hand with your planner, so that you don’t have any surprises on that day. A planner suggests and recommends, but it is your call, don’t ever forget that.
Your checklist is very important, it helps you keep tab of all vendors and their services 
so you don’t forget anything. Budgeting is very important, the first thing to do after sourcing for your vendors is to draw up a budget, because during sourcing, you have an idea of what each vendor is charging, to know if its in line with the funds you intend to spend for the wedding. its important to prioritize your spending, allocating larger sums to services that are very important and mean the most to you. yeaa! i know you had some really great ideas and things you wanted to do, but once it stretches your budget, i advice you let it go, except you have some extra naira to spare. Getting the best from your vendors is easy, as long as you are willing to accept certain rules and most importantly FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS. Also remember that there are items you would have to purchase either by yourself or with some one’s help, but just remember that this checklist has all you will need for your BIG DAY;

Guest list
Brides Outfits and accessories
Grooms Outfits and accessories
Bridal Party’s Outfits and accessories
Hair and Make up
DJ/ Band
MC/ Special Artiste
Ushers/Co coordinators
Hotel reservation
This is a general list of all the items that should be on your checklist. i will break them down in future posts. is there any item omitted from the list, that you think should be there? share your thoughts. ADIOS!!!!!!

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